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Router products of our company are divided into two types of home router and business router.

A  Home Router

In March 2015, Wonhe Technology began to retail intelligent routers. The Company has had three types of home router product so far. Home routers in addition to adopt the function of multi-device access with traditional router features, it still adds a variety of "smart" functions at the same time.

B  Business Router

In June 2015, Wonhe Technology began to distribute business routers. The Company has had one type of business router product so far. The networked router is hard-coded software that increases bandwidth and processing speed. Wonhe Technology also developed a Wonhe application program that enables users to use limited wireless network services through a business router.

Home Media Center

In December 2017, Wonhe Technology disrupted the production of HMC720, and focused on the production of the upgraded version of the family media center PC-STB product of HMC720 (which entered into the market in October 2017). The new products have been significantly improved in appearance, storage and function. The development of PC-STB can meet the procurement requirements of customers from more provinces, therefore, it allows Wonhe Technology to continue to expand its market.

Advertising Screen

In 2017, through the multiple research and debugging conducted by Wonhe Group, the product was finally listed in December successfully after multiple improvements by listening the feedback advice from the advertisers whom we have cooperated with. According to the feedback obtained from the markets, the Company will improve the products in the following aspects: will gradually increase the performance of advertising screens, improve the quality of products and expand the product sales shares so as to further improve the market share of advertising screens in the future.