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Wonhe Multimedia Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as the "Company" or "Wonhe Group") was founded in August 2015 in Australia.

The operating eintity of Wonhe Group is Shenzhen Wonhe Technology Co. Ltd. (herein after referred to as the “Wonhe Technology”) and was established in China. From the structure shown above, the Company controls and has economic rights over the business of Wonhe Technology.

Wonhe Technology was established in November 2010, and the registered capital is 50 million yuan. The main products are: routers, home media centers, advertising screen and related systems and management platform. It’s a value-added service provider and overall solution provider in China. Its business area - involves TV internet, WIFI commercial advertising operations, internet advertising operations, VOD services, networking technology and triple play integrated services.

Group Structure +view

Home Router
Aim at family type customers, after a long period of product development, repeated product testing and repeated market research, Wonhe Group has a total of two types of router products. And Wonhe Group successfully launched the Power WiFi Router into the market in July 2017. The advent of new products will further promote the intelligent transformation of router products. Products can maintain the stability of WiFi signal at the same time making communication through the power line. Without laying the network cable, it can realize the comprehensive intelligence of routers in many key aspects such as storage, configuration as well as transmission of information.

Business Router
A new business router product (model YLT-300S) was launched by Wonhe Group in June 2015. This new product provides wireless WLAN with wireless networks and can be connected to software by hard coding. We can help clients who purchase the business routers obtain the client-side, and the user must log in and provide specific statistical data before connecting with the free WiFi wireless local area networks provided by business router.

Home Media Center
In 2017, the Company upgraded and reformed the product of HMC 720 and introduced its upgraded version called pc-stb. The product combines the system architecture of multimedia computer with digital set-top box, which is fully accord with the standard of GB20600-2006 (DTMB) Chinese digital television terrestrial broadcasting. It supports all of the 330 DTMB terrestrial receiving mode with the feature of infinite remote control, all of these have fully integrated the requirements of home multimedia applications into a single device.

Existing Business
◇Home Router
◇Business Router
◇Home Media Center
◇Advertising Screen
Business model

Business model: Wonhe -Group researches and develops and designs electronic products and supporting applications independently. It entrusts productions to other manufacturer. Products are sold by distributors throughout the country, and Wonhe Group receives sales revenue of hardware products. The Company provides software, applications and maintenance services aiming at after-sales products to terminal consumers.

Profit model: Obtain a one-time profit by selling hardware products.

Contact us

Registered office address:
Tower One - International Towers Sydney Level 46 100 Barangaroo Avenue Barangaroo NSW 2000


Company secretary:
Mr Danny Xu

Streamlined technical management system

• WONHE Technology divides complex business areas into different levels, each geared towards satisfying market demand.
• WONHE Technology establishes technical targets to map the Company’s future technical progress, and to establish a technical planning framework.
• WONHE Technology has established a structured technology research and development processto improve the efficiency of research and development.
• WONHE Technology has established a CBB management organization processfor different products, achieved through technology sharing to enhance the efficiency of research and development.
• WONHE Technology has established a department to conduct technical management and research and development, and established a research department, technology department and technical management team and technical development team.

Mature research and development team

The WONHE Technology research and development team has more than 30 high-end research and development personnel. At present, more than 90% of WONHE Technology’s software research and development personnel hold a bachelor degree or above. WONHE Technology’s software developers have substantial experience in software development andare proficient in development of a variety of platforms.


Patent system covering the hardware and software system

• The hardware design and appearance patent
• The software system of patent